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Thursday | September 21st

The Return of Will Self

The rock star of the literati presents his latest book 'Phone' which casts his magnificent eye over urgent contemporary concerns from the ubiquitous mobile phone to the end of privacy. You's be daft to miss it!    

7.30pm: £10 Archway Methodist Church

Friday | September 22nd

A Treat For Readers Of Young Adult Novels

A thrilling event with two of Britain’s most exciting prize-winning authors of gritty, gripping, urban dramas about young characters facing tough choices. A great opportunity to meet Alex Wheatle and Patrice Lawrence.     

5pm: £5 Archway Methodist Church

Casting The Queen Of Crime

Andrew Wilson presents: 'A Talent for Murder',  his novel which imagines Agatha Christie facing a blackmailer who's convinced she'd be a great murderer, and wants her to kill for him...she must use every ounce of her resourcefulness to thwart him  

6.30pm: £5 Archway Methodist Church

A love-letter to Littlewood

 An affectionate look at the formative moments of the maverick theatrical legend Joan Littlewood and the person behind the persona. It’s a Joan show made Joan’s way, with songs, costumes, dances and plenty of jokes, directed by Olivier winner Oliver Senton.    

7.40pm: £5 Hargrave Hall

A performance of great jazz numbers with the WTW Big Band

The WTW BIG BAND is quite a spectacle, with its array of all kinds of shiny brass instruments, and naturally, it’s a magnificent sound. Tonight they open up their doors to us, to watch and listen as they go through a fantastic repertoire of classic big band numbers. 

9pm: FREE Hargrave Hall

Saturday | september 23rd

The Mistresses of the Twist

Two supremos of bestselling page-turners are going to throw some light on how on earth they do it! Lisa Jewell  and Tina Seskis's latest gripping stories both explore the impact of the mysterious disappearance of a loved one..come and be psychologically thrilled!!

12.30pm: £5 Archway Methodist Church

'Join the Nutrition Revolution' with Dale Pinnock

Meet the chef from ITV's “Eat Shop Save!’’ with his collection of recipes. Believing that diet offers a chance to take elements of healthcare into our own hands, Dale is also aware of quackery. His mission: to weed out the fiction. Curious? Come and be inspired by this passionate speaker.

2pm: £5 Archway Methodist Church

From 'A for Africa' to A for Archway...storytime with Ifeoma Onyefulu

From Beads to Drums to Masquerades, Crafts, Customs and Traditional Games, Ifeoma Onyefulu's wonderful storytelling and games will delight children and adults both.

2pm FREE Archway Library

NEW NOVEL! The Return of Ghost-Hunter Harry Price

Neil Spring’s first book is a deliciously creepy tale, based on the true story of Harry Price, who exposed fraudulent hauntings but is moved to self- doubt when confronted by the most haunted house in England. Spring presents the sequel: ‘The Lost Village’, another brilliant chiller..

3.30pm £5 Archway Methodist Church


Harriet Walter - Brutus and other Heroines

''A part we have played is like a person we once met....'’

Harriet Walter has ‘met’ nearly all of Shakespeare’s heroines. But after Cleopatra’s magnificent death, where, she asks, can an actress go? For her, the solution was to take on the mature male characters... In her 2nd book exploring her art form, Walter explains the choices she made in preparing for her leading Shakespeare roles. This is a wonderful chance to hear and meet someone at the very top of their profession. 

£10 5pm: Archway Methodist Church

A Ladybird Expert Book for all ages - Climate Change

Who better to listen to about climate change than a scientist from the British Antarctic Survey and a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society? Dr Emily Shuckburgh is both. She’s joined by Dr Tony Juniper to talk about climate disruption, with stunning projected images. 

6.30pm £5/£2 Archway Methodist Church

Sunday | October 16th

A bookseller, booklover and….brolliologist!

Take a tour through Marion Rankine's beautifully illustrated and entertaining book. Humans have been making umbrellas for millennia and weaving their characterful selves into folk tales and novels from Martin Chuzzlewit to Mary Poppins. A perfect literary gift.

2pm: £5 Hargrave Hall

Black Masculinity, Millennials and the Meaning of Grime..

Jeffrey Boakye celebrates 55 key songs that make up the DNA of Grime music, putting seminal tracks into perspective and asking why Grime has such resonance in the UK. Funny, insightful and lyrical, HOLD TIGHT gives a context to Grime that hasn’t been given before.

3.15pm: £5 Hargrave Hall

Exhibiting Subcultures from Tokyo to Archway

Chris Low took his first photo at a punk gig at the age of ten. Since then he’s had a book published, and held acclaimed exhibitions entitled “Up Yours!” and ‘’Japanarchy’’. In this special and unusual event, Chris talks us through ten years of photographs of people and subcultures. 

4.30pm: £5 Hargrave Hall

A deconstruction of the neo-noir surrealist thriller Mulholland Drive

 David Lynch’s masterpiece creates a puzzle for film fans. The creator of London’s ‘Projections’ lecture series Mary Wild takes a psychoanalytic perspective, interpreting and illuminating Lynch’s iconic dream-logic. A great opportunity to explore this movie with a captivating cinephile.

5.30pm: £5 Hargrave Hall

NEW NOVEL!! 'Doctor Zipp's Amazing Octo-Com'

Dan Carrier's interviews with stars and everyday folk of North London have won him many fans. His 1st novel captures London at its eccentric best with tales of a karaoke-barge, Kermit the Hermit and an ‘inter-species language expert’ who believes we have a lot to learn from octopii..

7.30pm: £5 Hargrave Hall


Monday | September 25th

Villain in the Moominhouse - a premier

‘’On a dark and windless night in Autumn, a shadow falls on the steps of the slumbering Moominhouse… a sleepless night awaits!’’

Moomin historian Ant O’Neill reads his translation of the last ever Moomin story written by Tove Jansson. Accompanied by projections of rarely-seen photographs, this is a great treat for the Moomin fans of today and the future.

6pm: FREE Archway Library

Tuesday | September 26th

The Good Immigrant - One Year On

The essay collection from British writers discussing race and immigration in the UK was voted as Britain’s favourite book 2016. What next for its writers? Kieran Yates, Wei Ming Kam and Darren Chetty talk about what they’re working on now, and their thoughts on the response to TGI

7.30pm: £5 Archway Methodist Church

Wednesday | September 27th

Storytime for grown-ups with Arachne Press

5 of the hottest writers from an award-winning publisher of short stories. Katy Darby reads from ‘Stations’; Carolyn Eden reads: ‘Liberty Tales’; Liam Hogan reads from: ‘Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed…’; Wendy Gill reads from: ‘Shortest Day’, and Cherry Potts reads from ‘Lover’s Lies’.. 

6.15pm: FREE Archway Library

Thursday | September 28th

Professor Steve Jones: Revolutionary Science in the Age of the Guillotine.

We are greatly honoured to present our finale event with Steve Jones: professor of genetics, regular TV and radio broadcaster, writer of popular science books and superlatively fascinating  speaker...

Paris at the time of the Revolution was the centre of world science in a sense that no other city in the world ever has been or ever will be. What was unique about it was that the scientists themselves were active in politics, and many paid a high price for so doing. Lavoisier, the founder of modern chemistry was dragged before the Tribunal and sentenced to death. Someone called from the court: "You cannot execute that man, he is a genius". The Judge's reply was "The Revolution has no need for geniuses"; the spirit of those times, and of many revolutions yet to come.

This very special event will keep us thinking till next year! But in the meantime, there’s lots and lots of books…

7.30pm £7/£2 Methodist Church

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