You can get a quick overview of the events below, look at the programme for the full story, or pick up a printed summary which you'll soon find in the library, local shops and restaurants and all around Archway and North London

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Thursday | October 13th


A New Series of Short Films

7pm: Video Strolls screen a cycle of video-poems presented by acclaimed film-maker and author Michael Smith.  £5 Archway Tavern Nightclub


Let All The Children Boogie

9pm: 4 hours of Bowie’s music on a great sound system + projections of rare footage including ‘Live at the Marquee’, 'Missing Links One Ziggy' and the 'Message from Mars Midnight Special’.  £6 Archway Tavern Nightclub


Friday | October 14th


Thrilling New Novels

7.15pm: Best-selling novelist Louise Doughty presents her epic thriller ‘Black Water’, telling the story of one man, more scared of what he’s done, than the danger he’s now in. She’s joined by Sunny Singh with her cracking new thriller exploring the modern obsession with images: a war photographer checks into 'Hotel Arcadia’...on the day it is besieged by terrorists. £6 Methodist Church


Exploring Social-Media-Created Celebrity

8.45pm: Meet Jonathan Harvey, the multi award-winning writer of the film and play ‘Beautiful Thing’, the sitcom‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ & regular contributor to Corrie. He presents his 5th novel: ‘The History Of Us’, filled with his trademark wit, warmth and outrageous humour. £6 Methodist Church


Raising The Roof With The Irish Rover

10pm: An evening of traditional Irish Music with the cream of London’s musicians. Expect to be tempted to sing along…
FREE The Mother Red Cap


Saturday | October 15th


Murder, Mystery & Best-Sellers

12pm: Guy Fraser-Sampson, whose Mapp & Lucia books were all optioned by the BBC, presents ‘Death in Profile’, a contemporary murder mystery in the intriguing style of the classic whodunit. ... He is joined by Anne Coates with her crime novel Dancers In The wind  where freelance journalist and single mother Hannah Weybridge is commissioned by a national newspaper to write an investigative article on the notorious red light district in Kings Cross.....£6 Methodist Church


A Story to Uncover the Disappeared

1.30pm: Author Caroline Brothers presents ‘The  Memory Stones’, her fictionalised account of one couple’s search for their ‘disappeared’ family in the midst of Argentina’s 80’s military junta. £6 Methodist Church


Who is this Leafy ‘Forest God’?

3pm: Nina Lyon presents ‘Uprooted: ‘On the Trail of the Green Man’, a beautifully written, joyfully provocative account of the most enduring and recognisable of Britain’s folk images. £6 Methodist Church


Uncovering Hidden Histories

3pm: Merilyn Moos' novel ‘The Language of Silence’, provides a remarkable exploration of how the effects of exile from Nazism continue to have a profound personal impact on following generations. FREE Archway Library


The Story Of Epilepsy

4.30pm: People with epilepsy used to be called insane and locked up in asylums. In ‘The Smell of Burning’, Colin Grant explores the myths, mysteries, science, history and famous characters in the story of epilepsy, entwined with a memoir of his brother, Christopher. £6 Methodist Church


Wheat & Chaff from Years as a Priest

6pm: Reverend Richard Coles presents ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’, the continuing story of his extraordinary life. A wonderfully warm and witty memoir revealing experiences over ten years of ministry, interwoven with tales of his career as a broadcaster. £7 Methodist Church


Investigating the Peculiar...

7.45pm: Meet Christopher Fowler, the multi award-winning author of the ‘Bryant and May’ books featuring ‘The Peculiar Crime Unit’ and its two endearing detectives who have strayed way over the retirement age...Christopher gives us insights into his craft. £7 Methodist Church


Sunday | October 16th


Delving Into Evolutionary Medicine

12.30pm: In ‘Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes our Health and Transforms Medicine’, Jeremy Taylor traces the fascinating roots of medical conditions through our evolutionary history. £6 Kogan Academy


Language, Imagination & Memory

1.45pm: Sarah Hesketh presents ‘The Hard Word Box’, a collection of poems and interviews describing her surprising and illuminating experiences while working as a poet in residence in a dementia care home. £6 Kogan Academy


An Instruction Manual for the End Of The World

3.15pm: So you've survived the disaster that's laid waste to the world - what next? Physicist Professor Lewis Dartnell presents ‘The Knowledge’, the story of how we make the things we need, and a history of the ingenuity and creativity of technological innovation. With awesome slides! £6 Kogan Academy


Crafting Fictions from Facts

5pm: Jill Dawson presents ‘The Crime Writer’, which mixes facts in the life of novelist Patricia Highsmith with Dawson’s imagination. What if Highsmith were like her characters? Joining her is Douglas Cowie, whose: ‘Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago’ re-imagines the turbulent love affair between Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir. £6 Kogan Academy


Unveiling a Vocal Archive

6.30pm: Ian Rawes presents rare recordings of London life from the 50s back to 1880s. Relish this rowdy city filled with vigour and eccentricity; hear lavender sellers, the forgotten songs of schoolchildren, the coal man, the realities of the Blitz….not to be missed by anyone with an interest in the history of London. £6 Kogan Academy


An Evening of Vital Spoken Word

7.45pm: Come and hear some of the best: Emily Harrison, who launched her first book and won ‘best spoken word performer’ this year; Tim Wells, who is ‘made of reggae, lager top, and pie and mash...reading from his collection: ‘Everything Crash’; Roger Robinson, whose blend of lilting Caribbean rhythms and beautifully crafted poetry has earned him awards and comparison with Linton Kwesi Johnson and fab local poets Mary Dickins, Mem Zepper, and surprise guests. Plus our luscious compere Laurie Bolger. £6 Archway Tavern Nightclub


Monday | October 17th


When All Is Not As It Seems...

6.30pm: In Anoushka Beazley’s ‘The Good Enough Mother’, Drea hatches a criminal plan to get school fees, unleashing all hell in a quiet town. A satirical, hilarious black comedy. FREE Archway Library


Behind The Scenes of Aerial Artistry

7pm music, 7.30pm the talk: In 2013, aerial artists from Scarabeus danced their way down the 195-foot ‘Archway Tower’, attached by wires and dressed as orchids in Daniela Essart’s artwork: ‘Paradise Lost’. Here we get the inside story and an equipment demo…FREE Vantage Point (AKA Archway Tower)


A London Comedy Showcase

8pm:  MC Joe presents an extra special line-up at this terrific regular Comedy Club at one of Archway’s best-loved pub venues. FREE The Hideaway Bar


Tuesday October 18th


Spirals & Fractals & Swirls...O My!

6,30pm: Supremo of science writing Alex Bellos presents: ‘Snowflake, Seashell, Star’, a joyful contemplation of mathematical patterns & ravishingly beautiful designs by Edmund Harris. £7/£2 Methodist Church


Reconstructing the Evolution of Modern Humans    

8pm: Professor Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum presents the most challenging recent finds in the fast-changing field of human evolution, including the recovery of complete genomes of Neanderthals. £6/£2 Methodist Church


Queer’Say - a Spoken Word Chat Show

8pm: Radio 4 and Resonance FM regular Rosie Wilby hosts her much loved showcase. Hear acclaimed poets Sophia Blackwell and Sophia Walker perform before being interviewed about their life, work and inspirations. £6 The Hideaway Bar


Wednesday october 19th

Due to an unforeseen circumstance the events in the Methodist Church tonight have had to be cancelled. Apologies. do come and see Wanda Wyporska at the library,and we're all back on track tomorrow.

History Without Footnotes...

7pm: Dr Wanda Wyporska, the author of ‘Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland’, has made the leap into writing historical fiction. She talks about some of the pitfalls of history without footnotes FREE Archway Library


The Big Sing Archway! 

9pm: The first taster session for the weekly singalong choir planned for Archway. If you like the idea of singing together once a week in an easygoing, fun choir – come along!! FREE Hargrave Hall


Thursday | October 20th


A Fast, Fun, Twist on Traditional Tales

4.30pm: Really Big Pants presents ‘Suddenly’ - a battle to save Grandma’s home, a  treehouse. There’s goodies and baddies, adventure, excitement… and lots and lots of “suddenlies”! 5yrs & upwards! FREE Hargrave Hall


A Cultural History of 154 Emotions

6.30pm: Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith presents her hugely entertaining & informative encyclopaedia of feeling: ‘The Book of Human Emotions’, which draws on anthropology, science and art to show the surprising connections & fascinating facts behind our emotional lives.  £6 Methodist Church


The Age Of Bowie

7.45pm: Paul Morley, one of the team who curated the David Bowie Is exhibition, tells the definitive story of Bowie that explores how he worked, played, structured his ideas, invented the future and entered history as someone who could never be forgotten. Joining Paul is novelist Jake Arnott, who has been studying Bowie’s literary references since the age of 11. Here he asks: what can we make of his literary legacy, of his influences and output as a writer? £7 Methodist Church


Your Turn For a Turn?

8pm: A fab regular Open Mic Night with a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Want to sing, play, read or do some comedy? Get signed up at 8 - performances till late! FREE The Mother Red Cap


Friday october 21st


Get in the Moodle for a Doodle!

3.45pm: Author and illustrator Loretta Schauer has oodles of doodles noodling around looking for an adventure, and she wants to hear your ideas! Get in the moodle for a doodle! 8-12s + adults! FREE Archway Library


Meet The Ultimate Bubble Boffin...

6.30pm: Oceanographer and physicist Helen Czerski is here to tell us about the science of bubbles: why are soap bubbles iridescent? How do penguins use bubbles to go faster? Helen’s fascination started with research into experimental explosives, now she scuba dives to study bubble acoustics & optics. With fabulous images.£6/£2 Methodist Church


A Night to Remember With a Real Life LEGEND SUZI QUATRO!!!

7.15pm: Suzi Quatro takes us on a rock 'n' rollercoaster journey through a life lived hell-for-leather with her new collection of poems and lyrics: ‘Through My Eyes’. With stories that transport you to moments in her legendary 50 million record-selling career, this poetry captures her essence and will captivate her audience. 

She is joined by Laurie Bolger, presenter of ‘Bang Said The Gun’ who rocks it with her hilarious, down-to-earth poems from ‘Box Rooms’...and Salena Godden: 'the Doyenne of the Spoken Word Scene’ whose electrifying performance and stylish verses will knock you out.

Plus! Rhythm and Blues till late with 'The Waterboatmen': The cream of London's musicians with Jonathan Gentleman-Lee,  Errol Linton, Lance Rose and David Wilson £10 Archway Tavern Nightclub


Saturday october 22nd


A Curious History of Ordinary Life

1pm: Greg Jenner’s book ‘A Million Years In A Day...’ is a smorgasbord of historical delights revealing how we got from huddling around an open fire in animal skins to being the smartphone-wielding metropolitans we are today. With fantastic projections. £6 Methodist Church



1666: ‘Plague, War and Hellfire’

2.30pm: 1666 was an outstandingly interesting year in the history of England with not only The Great Plague and the Great Fire of London, but also Newton’s discovery of gravity and Wren’s revolutionary architectural ideas. Historian Rebecca Rideal’s captivating, illustrated talk on her book: 1666: ‘Plague, War and Hellfire’  £6 Methodist Church


History - 5 lines at a time!

3.30pm: Mick Twister, the author of ‘There was an old geezer called Caesar’ who reports on current affairs as ‘@twitmericks’ presents his condensed 'History of the World in 100 limericks'. FREE Archway Library


Cosmogramma - Afro-Futurist Science Fiction Stories

4.30pm: Tales of space exploration as futuristic colonialism, of revenant apocalypse & performers that practice body augmentation… Courttia Newland presents his new collection of science fiction stories. Come and hear a master storyteller explore compelling themes. £6 Methodist Church


‘My Name Is Leon’

7pm: A deeply touching and illuminating novel set in the world of fostering and adoption has caused a major stir in the world of fiction. Kit de Waal speaks about the insights she brought to bear in telling this story, through the eyes of a 9 year old boy who loves his little brother...  £6 Methodist Church


Arts & Fun Day at Archway Market & St John’s Church


12 - 4pm: Join ‘Archway Tales’ in a day of music and drama workshops. Share your local stories! What do you feel about Archway? Together we’ll give life to our collective stories. Come and play! FREE St John's Church

12 - 4pm: Come and ‘Take Your Cue!’...from playwright Diane Samuels and her writing ‘prompts’ - terrific little bits of concentrated inspiration designed to help you put pen to paper…& sign up for the new weekly writer's group! FREE Archway Market

12- 4pm: Every year we do ‘cut-up technique’ - a great, fun way to get your authory juices flowing! Bag yourself a bag of words, and then arrange them, as you please! Words for people of all ages...FREE Archway Market

2.30pm: Baluji Shrivastav is one of the greatest instrumentalists India has ever produced. Here he plays an extended selection of music he treasures on his magnificent sitar. FREE St John's Church

3.30pm Mick Twister is an unusual historian - he writes it in the form of limericks! The author of 'There was an Old Geezer called Caesar' tells us some stories - 5 lines at a time! 

10 - 5pm: The much loved speciality stalls at Archway’s weekly market with their delicious displays and an especially massive ‘Word On The Street’ bookstall, with quality 2nd hand books, half price new children’s books and the best in reading advice from the Pavement Professor.   

Additional stalls throughout the day will feature crafts, arts information, and surprises.

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